Quality Assurance

Trust is the first thing which a company seeks to earn, if it is dedicated to grow. In the time span of three decades we have won trust of the customers primarily on the basis of quality we serve to our customers. We have maintained strict parameters by adhering to which each task is done with complete professionalism and perfection. It includes the task of procurement of ingredient to formulation and dispatching of the medicines we manufacture. The mouth dissolving tablets we offer are tested to dissolve within 30 seconds after consuming. And every other medicine such as Mouth Dissolving Tablets, Sustained Release Tablets, Film Coated Tablets, Anti-Biotics, etc., we offer are examined with same sincerity based on their respective parameters.

Our Values

The main value of our company resides in the satisfaction of customers. We know that this success and growth would not have been possible if we failed to keep our customers content. Each client of our company is treated with respect. Below are some of the attributes which makes us a more preferable business enterprise:-

  • Be Environmentally Conscious
  • Be responsible corporate citizen
  • Ensure Profitable Growth and enhance wealth of shareholders
  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders and partners
  • Provide Good quality Products and services
Domain of Operations

Several job roles are necessary for a company if it seeks to make its reach to more and more customers. We are a highly inspired business enterprise, which since its inception, expanded its wing and is working with dedication to lead the medicine industry. These business activities are managed with complete sincerity so as to keep a good pace in functioning and stand atop of every other competitive entity. Below are listed some domain of operations of our company by the means of which we are able to widely serve our Mouth Dissolving Tablets, Sustained Release Tablets, Film Coated Tablets, Anti-Biotics, and a lot more:-

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Ethical Marketing
  • Exports through Merchant Export
  • Institutional Marketing
Partnership - Marketing

No ambitions means no growth. We are currently accepting Partners for marketing on Franchise PCD Basis! Distributors and Operators willing to shake hands are welcome to contact us. Partners willing to join us on Franchise basis will be allotted regional rights to create and win win situation.